Dinosaur Park, 1989, kindergarten


Oregonís Prehistoric Gardens made a huge impression on me as a child.  Afterwards I envisioned building a similar dinosaur park of my own in the backyard.  The paper dinosaurs on the fence were to work out the placement and scale of the intended fully dimensional models. 


Oregon's Prehistoric Gardens


Itís a bit difficult to tell whatís happening in this picture, but its part of the plan for a backyard dinosaur park.  The stack of coffee cans in the background is a stand-in for the proportions of a dinosaur statue, and the white shape in the foreground is a paper footprint standing in for a real dinosaur footprint.


This photo, taken the summer before starting the first grade, marks an important transition in my creative projects.  For the first time I was building scale models rather than planning impossible to build full-sized replicas of dinosaurs, boats, and planes.  My preoccupation with model building, which carried me though elementary school, really started with these dinosaur and airplane models.


Dinosaur Models, 1989, first grade


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